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A Place For Everyone
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Hard Work Is What Works
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Work Hard, Play Hard
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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Monday morning, 26 Jan

Due to weather and road conditions, the gym will be closed until noon today.  TRX class and ME Boot Camp classes are cancelled.  As of now, we will plan on the usual afternoon and evening schedule, but please check back in before venturing out.

Stay warm and safe!

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Healthy Runner Series at DSC

Are you a runner? Know someone who is? Do you ever find yourself dealing with overuse injuries? Would you like to learn how to strengthen, stretch and mobilize your body to get the very most out of your running? If so, this series is for YOU!

The Healthy Runner series at DSC is designed to help the runner assess and identify potential weakness in the body that can lead to overuse running injuries, and practical ways to address these issues. Topics will include strengthening and health of the feet, lateral hip strength, Self MyoFascial release and stretching, glute activation, as well as core and alignment work for runners. This is a hands on series, so come prepared to move and learn how to address the areas of your body that may be holding you back from getting the most out of your miles!

DSC Trainer Sarah Scozzaro will be heading up this course.  Sarah is an avid runner and an RRCA certified running coach.  She’s run distances spanning 5ks to – most recently – her first 100 miler.  She holds a Masters in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Performance and Injury Prevention, and is a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. Her goal for her clients as well as herself is to “Run strong, all season long.”

This is an eight part, four week series with sessions every T/TH in Feb from 6:30-7:30 pm. Sessions start February 3.  Cost is $100 for current DSC members and $125 for non-members (+ tax).  Spots for this series are limited.

Interested? Have questions? Ready to sign up?  Contact us at sarah@daytonstrength.com to reserve your spot or get your questions answered.

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Schedule for Monday, Jan 19th

Schedule for tomorrow, Monday the 19th, Martin Luther King day

Open gym: 7-11AM, 430-730PM, no midday hours.
TRX class: 7-8AM
ME Class: 930-1030AM
CF Intensity: 430 and 530PM

Teen class is cancelled.

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Today, January 6, 2015, 6 AM fundamentals class is cancelled. Open gym is also cancelled until 8 AM.

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DSC Holiday Hours!

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!

Wednesday Dec 24th – gym will close at 3pm (no morning ME, no Teen Class)
Thursday Dec 25th – CLOSED
Friday Dec 26th – open gym 8-11a, 12-3p (no TRX, no Teen Class)
Saturday Dec 27th – open gym 8a-1p (ONE CrossFit class at 10a)
Sunday Dec 28th – no BB Club
Mon Dec 29th and Tues Dec 30th – regular hours
Wednesday Dec 31st – gym will close at 430pm (no morning ME)
Thursday Jan 1st – CLOSED
Friday Jan 2nd – resume regular hours (Happy 2015!)

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Our members are selfish

Our members are selfish.  There’s no other way around it, we can’t hide from the truth.

Their selfish approach to their own health and fitness has led them here.  They want what’s best for them, and won’t settle for anything less.  They demand the best from us as trainers and gym owners.  They constantly ask questions and seek new approaches, and in doing so force us to continue to grow and develop our methods.

They’ve progressed so much from our group classes that they’re demanding more times and more options, so we’ve had to add to our menu of services to accommodate!  So selfish.

We have so many folks use our Crossover Symmetry bands to develop and strengthen their shoulders that our bands are snapping and we had to order a whole new set!  So selfish.

We have so many of them on personal programming now as a means to achieving their unique goals, we’ve had to restock our dry erase markers and mini white boards so they can track their personal workouts!  So damn selfish.

Finally, they’re so proud of the results that they’ve gotten working out here that they can’t help but brag to their friends about it, driving more people to our front door through their positive testimonials and referrals.  In fact, DSC has only had our doors open in this new location for a little less than a year, and we’ve already broken the 100 member mark.

This selfishness is close to getting out of hand.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, we’re going to go so far as to encourage it.  DSC is proud and excited to announce that we will be expanding our gym space to handle our growing family.  We’ve signed a new lease and will be adding another 1500 sqft of workout space to our existing floor plan.  Construction will be starting soon, pictures and full plan to follow.  Our BB club will have a separate area, our group classes will have more room to spread out, and we’ll have equipment set aside for personal training sessions.

To say we’re excited about what the future holds would be a dramatic understatement.  Thank you to all who have come along for the ride so far, we’re grateful to have each and every one of you join us and let us be a part of your own journey.  And to anyone who’s wondering what the heck is going on over here, why our members are so happy, why we’re growing so fast, or just what the big deal is in general, you owe it to yourself to come check us out.  Come observe a class, chat with a coach, or take part in a workout.  Be selfish.  Your future self will thank you.


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New Classes at DSC!

DSC is excited to announce a new partnership with On The Fly’s Heather Santellanes to offer a new class to our members, a Max Effort Boot Camp Class.  These classes will start next week, on November the 3rd.  See below for a class description and class times.

Strength and conditioning collide in this class that includes everything from dumbbell and barbell work, to medicine balls, kettle bells and gymnastic rings. Strength and stability before dynamic movement is a priority in Max Effort. If you are looking to change up your workout routine, max effort provides higher levels of performance, new found strength, and a fun way to become the best version of you!


M/W 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM

T/TH coming soon

SAT 9:00 AM

Packages for this class can be purchased on the same punchcard system as our current TRX offerings, and your punchcard sessions can now be used for either the TRX class or the ME class!  For more information or to schedule a time to come try it out, send us a note at adam@daytonstrength.com.

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CF Kith Workouts 27 Oct




A. BS – work up to a heavy 6
B1. DB Russian step ups – 8-10/leg x3; rest 1 min
B2. 30 glute bridge hold x3; rest 1 min
C. 5 sets @high effort:
10 box jumps
15 KB swings
10 burpees
15 sit ups
rest 2 min
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CF Kith Workouts 17 Oct




A. Front squat @30X1; 3-3-2-2-2; rest 2 min
B. Hang squat clean – 3 reps x6; rest 2 min
C. Push jerk – 3 reps x5; rest 2 min
D. 15 sec AD sprint every 2:30 x7
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CF Kith Workouts 16 Oct


A1 – DB reverse alternating lunges x 14 (7/leg), rest 90 sec
A2 – DB RDL x 8 reps, rest 90 sec x 4
5 min AMRAP
DB push press x 8
Goblet Squats x 8
Row cals x 8
rest walk 3 min x 2
Landmines – 2 sets of 14


A. Tall snatch – max
B. Squat snatch cluster 1.1.1 – work up to a heavy set
C. AMRAP 5 min
wall walks
rest 5 min x2
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