Strength and Conditioning Workouts Week of 10/03/16

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As we previously announced, we’ll now be running a single-class format, called our Strength and Conditioning class. We will continue to offer GRIT on a weekly basis, this time on Fridays at 6 pm.


A. Goblet squat @ 3030 – 6 tough reps x5; rest 2 min
B. Clean grip deadlift @31X1; 8-10 reps x3; rest 2 min
C. AMRAP 15 minutes
10 cal AB
15 KB swings

BONUS: Mobility/accessory:
A1. Half kneeling adductor stretch – 10 reps/side x3; rest as needed
A2. Lizard pose – 30 sec/side x3; rest as needed
A3. Hamstring slider curl negatives – 6-8 slow reps x3; rest as needed


A1. CGBP @20X1; 8-10 reps x4; rest 60 sec
A2. Ring rows @21X1; 8-10 reps x4; rest 60 sec
B1. 12 banded straight arm pulldowns x3; rest 30 sec
B2. 12 banded tricep pressdowns x3; rest 30 sec
C. Wall ball – 30 sec on, 1:30 off x6

BONUS: Mobility/accessory:
A1. 90-90 hip stretch – 60 sec/side (and 60 sec per direction – int and ext rotation) x2; rest as needed
A2. Kneeling hip flexor stretch – 60 sec/side x2; rest as needed


A1. DB walking lunges – 20 steps x4; rest 60 sec
A2. Kang squats – 5 reps x4; rest 60 sec
B. Pull ups/negatives @21X1; 3-5 reps x5; rest 60 sec
C. 3 sets @high effort
500m row
10 burpee box jump overs
30 DUs/single unders
rest 2 min

BONUS: Mobility/accessory:
A1. 12 band pull aparts x3; rest as needed
A2. 5/arm bottoms up KB press x3; rest as needed


A. 10-12 min DU practice
B. DB snatch instruction – spend 10 or so minutes working up to a tough 1/arm
C. For time
100 wall ball
50 DB snatches (85-90% of the tough 1 from B)
D. 20 TGU (not for time)

BONUS: Mobility/accessory:
A1. 10 pelvic tilts x3; rest as needed
A2. Pelvic tilt into 20 sec glute bridge hold x3; rest as needed
A3. Pelvic tilt into 30 sec bent knee hollow hold x3; rest as needed


Strength & Conditioning:

A. Goblet squat – work up to a tough 5
B. Take 90% of A and accumulate 20 reps
C. Single leg knees touching good mornings @2020; 6-8 reps x3; rest 60 sec between legs
D. AMRAP 2 min @high effort
5 air squats
5 KB swings
—rest 60 sec
AMRAP 2 min @high effort
6 alt DB snatch
6 HR push ups
—rest 60 sec
AMRAP 2 min @high effort
7 cal AB
7 pull ups
—rest 60 sec
AMRAP 2 min @high effort
8 walking lunges
8 cal row



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