Dayton Strength and Conditioning is a unique experience in the world of functional fitness facilities. Here at DSC, our mission is to provide the highest quality coaching possible, focused around the needs of the individual person. This isn’t a “one size fits all” gym. Our priority is to help athletes meet their unique fitness goals by offering a variety of memberships such as personal training, strength and conditioning group classes as well as individualized programming. We approach the concepts of health and fitness from all angles to ensure areas such as nutrition and lifestyle are brought into the discussion when necessary. We strive to be a positive influence throughout your daily life, not just the hour or two you spend with us in the gym.

Our coaches have years of experience working with athletes in both group and personalized settings, with specialty certifications that allow us to provide top notch coaching across a variety of disciplines. We’re dedicated to your progress and your time spent with us will be a challenging and a learning experience. We take pride in being able to provide an option for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness, and are always willing to work with motivated individuals.

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We’re proud of the community we’ve built – trainers and clients, families and friends – like-minded individuals who work together and support each other in their individual journeys toward improved fitness and well-being. We firmly believe that the habits of action shared through our network can positively change lives forever, and we hope to impact as many people as we can.