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New to training?

Are you completely new to the world of strength training? Don’t know a deadlift from a squat? Or have you been out of the game for a long time and looking to ease back in? Not a problem at all! We have multiple services available to introduce you to our system smoothly and at a pace that you will be comfortable with. Schedule your assessment today!

Your assessment includes:

  • Discussion on current training regimen, as well as lifestyle and nutrition habits.
  • Body composition testing using SSS method to gather more insight into any potential hormonal imbalances or areas of specific concern.
  • Physical Assessment – Used to analyze the athlete’s current physical state, as well as to uncover any strength imbalances or structural deficits that might lead to a future injury.
  • Functional movement/flexibility testing – Used to analyze movement patterns in each major plane, across all major joints. Can reveal red flags in the athlete’s specific flexibility that can then be addressed in the program.
  • Work Capacity Testing – Dependent on athlete’s current state, and goals. Simple, repeatable tests that can be done during the session or on the athlete’s own time where appropriate.

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Personal Training

Our passion as trainers comes in working with clients on a personal level to help them achieve their fitness goals. Personal Training is a great option for beginner athletes to train one-on-one with us and learn correct movement and intensity, as well as for intermediate and advanced athletes who may want another set of eyes on them to correct form or need an extra push in the intensity of their workouts.

What is included

  • One-on-one or two-on-one 60 min sessions with a trainer, at whatever weekly frequency works best for your goals and schedule. Your coach will take you through the entire session from warmup to workout to cool down, ensuring proper form is being used throughout and that the dose response of the workout is appropriate for you at that time.

We offer various options in our Personal Training packages. Please email [email protected] or[email protected] for more information!

Group Classes

Here at DSC we offer our main strength and conditioning class – along with a unique weekly class called GRIT.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning class is designed to improve your all-around general physical preparedness with progressive, focused programming. Our goal is to produce well rounded athletes who are familiar with many strength, speed, and power movements and offer classes to meet the needs of anyone interested in functional training, whether it be for their job or to improve their overall lifestyle. We incorporate barbell movements of varying complexity – pressing, pulling, squatting – as well as introductory gymnastic movements, all while building a strong aerobic engine with the use of multi-modal workouts that hit the full range of energy systems.


GRIT sessions will utilize challenges, tests, teamwork, penalties and rewards, uncertainty and sometimes unfairness, all with the goal of teaching the athlete to pay attention and do things the hard way. Skills and habits developed in GRIT classes will carry beyond that day’s training and benefit the athlete in weekly classes and outside the four walls of the gym.

Program Design

At DSC, we are big believers that the best route to sustained improvement and progress towards your personal goals lies in a program that was designed with these things specifically in mind. Even the world’s best group training programs can only take you so far before plateaus are reached, and something more individualized is required. This option is for members who want a personalized program to follow and are familiar enough with the lifts to be able to complete workouts on their own. This is a great next step for Personal Training clients as they gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. We also provide remote coaching for those who want to train with DSC but are unable to come to the gym regularly.

For those of you who live in town, pairing this with our Open Gym membership offers you a great combo value of a specially designed program with regular access to a high quality facility and coaching, at a cost that could be lower than other group training packages.

What’s included?

  • An initial assessment consisting of either an in-person discussion or skype call depending on your location, where we will chat about prior experiences, goals, current availability and motivation, as well as established benchmarks
  • A testing period where we will acquire more information about you as an athlete. where you’re strong, where you’re weak, where you’re imbalanced and might be heading towards an injury, and overall what areas will need to be prioritized in your program
  • Depending on the level of the athlete and the nature of the goals, your program will be shared with you in chunks of 1-week, 2-weeks, or 4-weeks increments. This sharing will take the form of a google document that can be updated regularly by either party, to allow for easy sharing and review of results. Your program can and will be changed accordingly based off of your adaptation to it and any progress or lack of towards your goals
  • Your coach will be available through text/email at any time throughout the duration of your package to answer any questions you may have.


Dependent upon the coach you’re matched with, please contact us for more information and to meet the coach that’s right for you!

Dayton Barbell Club

DSC is proud to be the home of the Dayton Barbell Club, an official USA Weightlifting club devoted entirely to the sport of weightlifting. We focus specifically on the development and proper execution of the snatch, clean, and jerk. Our belief is that these movements, when utilized correctly, have a unique ability to develop explosive power, balance, motor recruitment, and the body awareness necessary to excel at most any other athletic endeavor. Learning how to generate maximum force and applying it as efficiently as possible to an external load provides a great basis for any sport. Our experience also tells us that regularly dead-lifting, squatting, and pressing provides dramatic benefit to the quality of life and fitness level of those not actively participating in sports.

The Dayton Barbell Club members have at their disposal all the equipment necessary to progress in the sport of weightlifting. Designated lifting platforms, bearing bars, competition bumpers, squat racks, GHD’s, jerk blocks, lifting blocks, and other specialty equipment are all available to our members. We also house two Level 1 Sport Performance coaches, experienced in hands-on coaching and personalized program design specific to the 3 weightlifting movements. We are excited to work with both experienced and novice lifters, and take great pride in spreading the love of the sport of weightlifting to as many people as possible. Barbell Club meets weekly, with optional small group personal training sessions throughout the week.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

We offer nutrition and lifestyle counseling as another piece to as another piece to help you on your fitness journey. We believe balanced fitness is achieved, not only through time spent improving yourself in the gym, but also by making changes to your nutrition and daily habits outside of the gym. A minimum commitment of 3 months is required in order to really see changes and help form new habits.

What is included?

  • An initial assessment session where we will review goals, past experiences, and current habits. Expect to be able to very clearly define what you are wishing to achieve, whether it be improved health markers or conditions, performance in the gym, or you want to look better naked.
  • We employ the SSS method of caliper measurements to establish a baseline and track progress, where along with total body fat percentage we also get some insight into what is going on inside of you hormonally to allow us to more accurately shape the prescription.
  • During the package itself, we will design an individualized plan for you to follow, built from your goals, your baseline measurements, and your past experiences. You will be tasked with maintaining an online food journal, which will be reviewed regularly by your trainer to see how things are going. At any time during the package, your trainer will be available through email/text to answer questions or provide guidance/motivation.

$100 month to month

Open Gym

Our facility is open Monday-Saturday, and most of those hours are Open Gym times, where clients are allowed to come in and workout without any class type structure. We highly encourage our open gym members to have a dedicated line of programming that they follow to ensure progress and safety, please see our Program Design packages or contact us to discuss options. Open Gym members working out during group class times must recognize that the group class members have priority on any equipment/space.

$50/month* unlimited for Program Design clients
$75/month* unlimited for non Program Design clients
*plus tax

Check out our class schedule for Open Gym hours.

Teen Strength and Conditioning

We are very excited to offer Teen Strength and Conditioning classes to the younger athletes in the area. We are firm believers in the benefits of exposing our young ones to gymnastics and weight lifting in a controlled, supervised environment, where we always will place more focus on form and safety before any consideration to loads moved or intensity.

Our Teen Strength and Conditioning program focuses on providing young athletes the tools they need to excel in their sport of choice.

For more information about our Teen Strength and Conditioning program, please contact Coach Becky at [email protected] for more details.


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