Exciting Changes Coming in October!

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As a business, Dayton Strength and Conditioning is committed to providing the best training experience for our athletes. In order to do so, we need to reflect on the needs of our athletes and adjust, when necessary, what we offer. That’s why we’re excited to roll out some new changes starting October 1st, including new programs, an updated schedule and more!

Group Class Changes lift up autism 2016

We will be combining our Motion and Fitness programming into one class: Strength and Conditioning.  When evaluating the needs of our athletes, we determined that one class would be ideal, allowing for the coach to properly scale an athlete up or down, depending on their fitness needs.

Our strength and conditioning class is designed to improve your all-around general physical preparedness with progressive, focused programming. Our goal is to produce well rounded athletes who are familiar with many strength, speed, and power movements and offer classes to meet the needs of anyone interested in functional training, whether it be for their job or to improve their overall lifestyle. We incorporate barbell movements of varying complexity – pressing, pulling, squatting – as well as introductory gymnastic movements, all while building a strong aerobic engine with the use of multi-modal workouts that hit the full range of energy systems.

For athletes who would like the benefit of a hybrid membership of group classes and program design, we will still have our Plus membership available – wherein athletes can receive 1-2 days of program design to complement their class training.

Schedule Changes

To continue building our budding community, we’re excited to combine some of our less popular time slots with more well-attended sessions.  We hope this will allow you to meet new people and continue your fitness journey.

The Strength and Conditioning Class will be offered at 6 am on Monday – Friday; 11:15 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 5:30 pm Monday – Thursday; 6:30 pm Monday – Thursday. In addition to the Strength and Conditioning class we will be offering GRIT as our only class on Friday evenings at 6 pm. Our website calendar will be updated accordingly.

We will continue to offer Barbell Club sessions on Sundays at 12 pm, Teen Strength and Conditioning MWF at 4 pm, and a new Teacher Strength and Conditioning class at 4:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Non-DSC members can also opt to have a GRIT or Barbell Club membership for a nominal fee.

New Programs

In addition to the above changes, we’re launching a Tots Fun and Fit class Tot Fitnesson Sundays at 3 pm later this year.  Targeting four- to seven-year-olds, our kids’ program focuses on having fun while discovering how our bodies can move. Literature shows that kids need to move in space early and often to become familiar with their body and develop physical literacy. Just as you read with your kids to help them master their academic skills, you should move with your kids in as many different ways as possible to help them develop their physical skills. Let us help show you how. This class is designed with the little brain in mind, it is fast moving and high energy mixed with lots of games. Watch our blog and Facebook page for program release details.

Stay tuned for updates on Barbell Club small group PT sessions, as well as upcoming events, clinics, and happenings at DSC. DSC members will be receiving an email with additional details regarding these changes, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected]

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