New Year, New You: DSC Transformation Challenge

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Anyone who has overall health goals, we have a challenge for you…

Forty days, working out, eating clean, and meal tracking. This is going to be our first Transformation Challenge taking place Jan 11th-Feb 19th. We will do BodPod testing before and after at Sinclair Community College. If you’re military you can do it on base. Throughout the challenge you will work to track your food intake as well as your workouts. You will be responsible for turning your food journal in to your assigned coach every week. They will help hold you accountable during the challenge. During the nutrition seminar we’re going to ask you to cut some things out of your diet to help you make changes and improve overall health. We will have a meal swap mid way through as well as a cheat night at the end of the 40 days to celebrate your accomplishments! Hopefully, after the 40 days you will create a new and improved lifestyle!

Need To Know:
Prices: Price Members: $75 (with BodPod) – No Bod Pod(Military)-$25
Non-Members: $85 (with BodPod) – No BodPod(Military)-$35

*Checks made out to DSC or we can charge your account.

Last Day to Sign Up: Jan. 6th
-contact Genna at [email protected] to sign up

BodPod: You are responsible for scheduling your test and re-test with:
Sinclair Community College: Travis Beetley at [email protected] (let them know you’re with DSC)
Military: schedule with Mike Pappio at 937-904-9358
**DON’T WAIT TO SCHEDULE TESTING/RE-TESTING APPOINTMENTS! January slots are filling up quickly. 

-Let them know you’re with DSC

-Look at for information related to the testing.
-30 Min/test (this allows time for a retest in case there is an error that occurs during testing; subject was moving around in the chamber, etc.).

-Testing clothing needs to be FORM-FITTING (spandex, lycra, swimsuit). Changing facilities are available on campus. Quickest way to test is having testing clothing be worn under street clothes.

Important Dates:

Dec. 22 @ 7pm-7:30/8pm: Transformation Challenge Information Meeting: We will explain everything that is involved in the challenge as well as answer any questions you may have.
Jan. 7th @ 6:30-7:30pmNutrition Seminar- This will be an educational meeting discussing basic caloric intake, DOs and DON’Ts, how to be successful throughout 40 days, pre/post workout suggestions, etc. We will have time to answer any questions you may have at the end. Also, reach out to your fellow challengers and start accountability groups!
Jan. 8th10am-5pm: BodPod Testing availability with Sinclair
(Schedule your appointment by contacting Travis, let him know you’re with DSC)

Jan 11th
2pm-5pm: BodPod Testing availability with Sinclair
Jan 11th/12th: Military BodPod Testing
(Schedule your appt. with Mike Pappio)
Jan. 11th/12th: Schedule girth measurements with a coach, plan to arrive 15 min early.
Jan. 12th: Baseline Workout Testing (any scheduled class)
Jan. 29th @ 6:30-8pmMidWay Meal Swap
Feb.18th-3:30-5pm- BodPod Re-Testing availability with Sinclair
(Schedule your appointment by contacting Travis, let him know you’re with DSC)
Feb. 19th10am-5pm– BodPod Re-Testing availability with Sinclair
(Schedule your appointment by contacting Travis, let him know you’re with DSC)
Feb. 18th/19th: Military BodPod Re-Testing
(Schedule your appt. with Mike Pappio)
Feb. 18-19th: Girth measurement re-testing with Coach. Come 15 min early.
Feb. 19th: Baseline Workout Re-Test (any scheduled class)
Feb. 19th: Cheat Night @ TBD
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