Motion Workouts – Week of 07/11/16

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Motion Workouts for the week of July 11, 2016.

Day 1

A. EMOM x12
min 1 – 8 single arm front rack squats (switch arms each set)
min 2 – 10 KB deadlifts
B1. Back squat @20X1; 4-6 reps x4; rest 10 sec
B2. 5 box jumps @challenging height x4; rest 2 min
C1. DB seated OH press @40X1; 6-8 reps x3; rest 10 sec
C2. Pallof press @2020; 10/side x3; rest 1 min
C3. BB inverted rows @21X1; 4-6 reps x3; rest 10 sec
C4. Chin over bar hang – amsap x3; rest 1 min

Day 2

A/B 10 sets:
On the AB (A.) or the rower (B.) 8 sec @ 100% effort (record peak watts each sprint), rest 5 minutes between AB and row
C. 4 sets
100m farmers carry (same weight as last week)
30 sec plank hold
50m R arm farmers carry
50m L arm farmers carry
rest as needed between movements
D. BB OH hold – accumulate 3 min with your 1RM strict press
***challenging weight”

Day 3

A. 800m sled drag (add bodyweight)
B. DB reverse lunges (DB at sides) – 20 alternating reps x4; rest 90 sec
C. 4 sets:
1 min burpee broad jumps
1 min rest
1 min of
– 5 ring rows
– 5 air squats
1 min rest
D. Accumulate 10 min caveman squat


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