Kith Workouts – 10/23/15

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Don’t forget we have the Dynamic Nutrition Seminar tomorrow, which will cause a slight change in gym availability. Open gym will run from 9a-2p. You’ll have to use the upper level because the seminar will take place in the new space. There will be NO CLASSES tomorrow. We’ll have workouts posted and a trainer will be there if you have any questions.

Kith workouts for Friday, October 23, 2015:


A. 12:00 to work to heavy snatch
Rest 5:00

B. 12:00 to work to heavy CJ
Rest 5:00

C. Hollow Hold/Arch hold tabata – 10 rounds (5/each)


A – Hang Power snatch x 1/OHS x 1/Hang Squat snatch x 1 – 1 set every min x 8

B – Partner workout
10 min alternating rounds
Bear crawl 10m
15 air squats
Walking lunges 10m
10 DB push press (light and fast)

C – Cooldown stretch

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