July Challenge

 In CrossFit

The July challenge is all about explosive power. Hop, step then jump………the basics of the movement:

The take off is with 2 feet, focusing on a max jump like a broad jump the start. Fully extend the hips with arms overhead to ensure max force development from the start of the hop. Push off the ground with intent and drive through the feet during this phase. The landing of the hop is equally important, to control maximum eccentrics from the force generated.

The hop involves a one footed landing then a step is taken onto the other foot, then the jump is performed by finally landing on both feet.

The last phase of the standing triple jump is the actual jump. The individuals take off leg is extended forcefully upon contact with the ground to accelerate the jump. The jump ends with full hip extension while bringing the hands and momentum forward to finish.

– MUST stick 2-foot landing in order for it to count (i.e. both feet planted, meausre it taken from back of heel of foot furthest back)
– Feet sliding upon final land is considered a failed attempt
– Falling forward is fine as long as feet remain in place for measure
– Falling backward will result in a measure taken from the point of your body furthest back towards take off area
– Falling to the side is the same result as long as feet are solidly placed on ground for measure

If you want to check out some scores to beat: http://opexfit.com/optathalon/. Check out Lucas Parker’s technique below:

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