Here at DSC we offer our main strength and conditioning class – along with a unique weekly class called GRIT. Athletes can also choose to upgrade their membership to include program design once or twice a week.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning class is designed to improve your all-around general physical preparedness with progressive, focused programming. Our goal is to produce well rounded athletes who are familiar with many strength, speed, and power movements and offer classes to meet the needs of anyone interested in functional training, whether it be for their job or to improve their overall lifestyle. We incorporate barbell movements of varying complexity – pressing, pulling, squatting – as well as introductory gymnastic movements, all while building a strong aerobic engine with the use of multi-modal workouts that hit the full range of energy systems.


GRIT sessions will utilize challenges, tests, teamwork, penalties and rewards, uncertainty and sometimes unfairness, all with the goal of teaching the athlete to pay attention and do things the hard way. Skills and habits developed in GRIT classes will carry beyond that day’s training and benefit the athlete in weekly classes and outside the four walls of the gym.


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