DSC Workouts – Week of 10/17/16

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Strength and Conditioning Workouts for the week of October 17, 2016.

#TeamDSC Athletes at Festivus 2016

#TeamDSC Athletes at Festivus 2016


A1. Goblet hold Russian step ups – 12 reps/leg x3; rest 60 sec (no rest between legs)
A2. Staggered stance BB good mornings @2020; 10 reps/leg x3; rest 30 sec between legs/rest 60 sec
B. BB inverted rows @31X3; 4-6 tough reps x5; rest 60 sec
C. 10 sets @high effort
60 sec row – goal is hold same “challenging” pace throughout the 10 sets
30 sec rest

A1. Seated DB ext rotation @3010; 8-10 reps/arm x3; rest as needed
A2. Foam roller serratus wall slides – 10 reps x3; rest as needed


A. EMOM x10
min 1 – 20 sec burpees to 6″ OH reach
min 2 – 20 sec lateral BB burpees
B. 10-12 minutes of arch hollow practice
C. 3 rounds for time
30 wall ball
20 alternating DB snatch
10 kipping pull ups
D. 30 Turkish sit ups + hip bridge(15/arm) – not for time

A1. 10 pelvic tilts x3; rest as needed
A2. Pelvic tilt into 20 sec glute bridge hold x3; rest as needed
A3. Pelvic tilt into 30 sec bent knee hollow hold x3; rest as needed


A. Goblet squat @3030 tempo – 8 tough reps x4; rest 2 min
B. Single leg knees touching good mornings @2020; 6-8 reps x4; rest 60 sec between legs
C. AMRAP 6 minutes @high effort
250m row
15 Russian KB swings
10 burpee box jump overs/walk overs
—rest 3 min x3


A. DB tall kneeling OH press @21X1; 8-10 reps x4; rest 90 sec
B1. Lean away pull ups @21X1; amrap x4; rest 60 sec
B2. Push ups @2222; 6-8 tough reps x4; rest 60 sec
C. 4 sets:
30 sec air squats
30 sec rest
30 sec AB @moderate pace – keep an eye on watts, don’t die
30 sec rest

Friday (AM)

A. EMOM x15
min 1 – 10 walking lunges
min 2 – 10 L arm DB suitcase deadlifts
min 3 – 10 R arm DB suitcase deadlifts
B. DB 2-arm bent over rows @20X0; 8-10 reps x3; rest 60 sec
C. 4 sets @high effort
30 DUs/singles
10 HR push ups
300m row
10 HR pushups
rest 2 min

A1. Cable standing external rotation – 10 reps/arm x2; rest as needed
A2. Cable standing internal rotation – 10 reps/arm x2; rest as needed
A3. Single arm bottoms up KB hold – 10-15 seconds/arm x2; rest as needed

Friday (PM)
GRIT – TBA mid-week

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