DSC Workouts – Week of 4/10/17

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Throwdown 4/8/17

Throwdown 4/8/17

Dayton Strength and Conditioning group fitness classes for the week of April 10, 2017.

Don’t forget our Throwdown (Community Workouts) each Saturday throughout the month of April @ 10 am. Bring a friend and have some fun!

Note: We will be closed Sunday, April 16 for the Easter holiday. 


A. Hang power snatch (aboveknee) – 2 reps E90s x 6 (add weight every other if form perfect)
B. Back squat 4-6 reps x 5; Rest 2 min (inc. weight over last week)
8 calorie bike
8 burpees
8 walking lunges


A. IWT (row pace = 500m +7 split sec, goal: MORE meters)
3 rounds:
10 BB deadlifts
2:00 row
Rest 2:00 between
–rest 5:00–
C. 3 rounds
10 BB front squats
2:00 row
Rest 2:00 between
–Rest 5:00–
Homework: Accumulate 3:00 weighted plank (scale down to regular plank)


A. Hip flow 4-5 sets
90/90 hip switch into shinbox hip extension, into lunge
B. Clean grip deadlift @21×1 3-3-3-3-3 (inc. each set with perfect form); Rest 2 min
C. Cooldown:
Foam roll hips 2:00/side, then
3 rounds:
4 alt 90/90 hip switches
30 sec caveman
10-15 sec partner pancake stretch
Monthly Challenge


A1. CGBP 8-10 reps x 4; Rest 1 min
A2. Single arm Bent Over DB Row @30×1 8-10 reps x 4; Rest 1 min
B. Snatch halting deadlift (2 sec @knee, 2 sec @power position) – they will finish at hip with bent knee
3 reps x3; Rest 2 min (light weight, focus on position)
C EMOM x 7 – 8 double KB front rack squats
D. E75 sec x 8
12 sec row sprint
If time: Offset carries (front rack, OH) – 4 sets (switch front rack/OH each set)
distance: down/back in gym
Rest as needed


A. HSPU skill work
B. DB Split squats @2020 8-10/leg x 3; Rest 2:00
C. 5 RFT:
10 box jump/step down
bear crawl length of gym
10 KBS
front rack carry length of gym
D. 3 rounds:
10 alt plank pull-throughs
10 glute bridges
10 banded pull aparts (palms down)

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