DSC Workouts – Week of 1/9/17

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This week we kick off our Transformation Challenge with our baseline workouts on Monday. We’re also gearing up for the 2017 GRIT Open (details coming soon), so see if you can fit a Friday night workout into your training schedule :).


Core Work


Transformation Challenge workouts
A. BOTH GROUPS – Strict press x2/push press x3 – work up to something tough
***no more than 15 minutes here
B. TRANSFORMATION – BB back rack split squats @31X1 – work up to a tough 8/leg
***no more than 15 minutes here, do this while the amrap is going on
PERFORMANCE – AMRAP 15 minutes – 500m row, 10 burpees
C. BOTH GROUPS – TGU tough 1/arm


A1. CGBP @21X1; 8-10 reps x4; rest 60 sec
A2. Pull ups @21X2 or negatives @31A1; 3-5 reps x4; rest 60 sec (no rest between arms)
B. Banded PVC lat pulldowns @2020; 12-15 reps x3; rest 60 sec
C. AMRAP 12 minutes
15 wall ball
12 alt DB snatch
D. 3 rounds for quality
5 down dog to cobra poses (pause for 2 seconds in each pose)
5 band pull aparts with overhand grip
5 band pull aparts with underhand grip


A1. DB split squats @2121; 8-10 reps/leg x4; rest 60 sec
A2. BB good mornings @2020; 8-10 reps x4; rest 60 sec
B. 4 rounds @high effort
300m row
15 burpees
rest same time as work time
C. 3 rounds
20-30 sec arch hold
30 sec L arm farmers carry
30 sec R arm farmers carry
30 sec plank hold
D. 2 rounds
10/leg rock back adductor stretches
5 standing pelvic tilts
5 counterbalance goblet squats


A. DUs – 30 sec on, 30 sec off x8
B. For 30 minutes @ a continuous pace (75% effort)
1K row
bear crawl down and back
10 alterating TGU
C. 3 rounds, not for time
10 DB hammer curls
10 banded tricep pressdowns
15-20 sec hang from pull up bar
30 sec box shoulder opening stretch

Friday – AM

A. EMOM x12
min 1 – 8 BB front rack alternating lunges (45/35#)
min 2 – 6 burpees
min 3 – 3-5 pull ups/ring rows
B. Bike – 2 min @moderate pace, 30 sec rest x3
C. AMRAP 20 minutes
12 front rack alternating lunges
8 burpees over the bar
12 front rack alernating lunges
8 pull ups/ring rows

Friday PM – GRIT

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