DSC Workouts 01/8/16

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TC seminarLast night we hosted our Nutrition Seminar to kick off our Transformation Challenge: 40 days of eating good, whole foods, coupled with learning how to fuel our body correctly and stay accountable in the gym – our members are going to see amazing results!

DSC Workouts for January 8, 2016:


A.  Deadlift
5 reps
begin a set every 1:30
x 6

Deck Squat instruction

B.  EMOM 10  min
ODD:  3-5 deck squats
EVEN: 2 wall walks

C.  Row 500 M
rest 2:30


A.  Back Squat
6 reps
rest 2 min

B.  1 power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch
rest 1:30

C.  Open Workout 12.1
7 minutes of burpees to a 6 ft target

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