DSC Workouts – 01/26/15

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DSC Workouts for January 26, 2015.


A1. Quadruped hip extension
10 reps/leg
rest 30 sec
A2. Prone hip extension on bench
10 reps
rest 30 sec

B. EMOM 18 min
1:  10 step ups/box jumps
2:  max push ups in 30 sec
3:  Row 11/9 cals

C.  Accumulate 50 Medball pass partner sit ups
and combined 3 min partner plank (one partner must be working at all times…no rest)


A.  In 5 sets work up to a tough single strict press

B1.  10-15 sec kip
rest 30 sec
B2.  Max pull ups from last week
rest 1:30

C.  8 min AMRAP
5 ground to OH
10 burpee over bar

D.  tabata sit ups

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