DSC Workouts – 01/25/16

 In Fitness, Mobility

DSC Workouts for January 25, 2016.


A. Back Squat @ 2 0 x 1
1 rep every 30 sec for 18 sets

B1.  Pull up negatives
5 reps
rest 1 min
B2.  Ring Rows
8 challegning reps
Rest 1 min

C.  5 rounds
10 no push up plate hop burpees
10 paratroopers
down and back bear crawl


A.  In 5 sets work up to a heavy Front Squat single

B.  Pause Clean
2 reps
begin a set every 1:30

C. w/a partner
Row for max meter in 30 sec
(One partner works at a time)
after the 6 the set partner 1 immediately goes into
50 burpees for time
as soon as partner 2 is done they immediately go into
50 burpees for time

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