DSC Workouts – 01/20/16

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Be careful out there today, folks. The roads are slick and it’s just enough snow to cause some delays on the major roads.

Workouts for January 20, 2016:


A.  Single Arm DB Bench
6 reps/arm
begin a set every 2 min

B.  10 Push ups
10 KBS
10 cal AD
rest 1 min
x 6

C.  Accumulate 60 hanging knees or knees to elbows
rest as needed


A. EMOM 14 min
Even: 8 power cleans (165/115)
Odd: 9 kipping HSPU

B. In one minute
MAX AD Cals in 40 sec
Max push press in remaining time
rest 5 min
after 4th round
1500 M row

C. 10 min mobility

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