DSC is proud to be the home of the Dayton Barbell Club, an official USA Weightlifting club devoted entirely to the sport of weightlifting. We focus specifically on the development and proper execution of the snatch, clean, and jerk. Our belief is that these movements, when utilized correctly, have a unique ability to develop explosive power, balance, motor recruitment, and the body awareness necessary to excel at most any other athletic endeavor. Learning how to generate maximum force and applying it as efficiently as possible to an external load provides a great basis for any sport. Our experience also tells us that regularly dead-lifting, squatting, and pressing provides dramatic benefit to the quality of life and fitness level of those not actively participating in sports.

The Dayton Barbell Club members have at their disposal all the equipment necessary to progress in the sport of weightlifting. Designated lifting platforms, bearing bars, competition bumpers, squat racks, GHD’s, jerk blocks, lifting blocks, and other specialty equipment are all available to our members. We also house two Level 1 Sport Performance coaches, experienced in hands-on coaching and personalized program design specific to the 3 weightlifting movements. We are excited to work with both experienced and novice lifters, and take great pride in spreading the love of the sport of weightlifting to as many people as possible. We house two USAW Level 1 sport performance coaches.

Barbell Club members will meet three times a week to meet as a “team.” These three team sessions will follow a progressive weightlifting program, gearing athletes up to compete, whether that be at the local, regional, or even the national level.  

If you want to follow a dedicated weightlifting program, with hands-on consistent coaching, with the goal of eventually competing, this membership is for you. If you’re a beginner and want to solely focus on learning the lifts, in a team atmosphere, this membership is for you.

For $120/month (plus tax) you get 3 team practices each week plus unlimited open gym. Barbell Club members also get access to GRIT classes each Friday night included in their membership. The team practices will include weightlifting specific work (snatch, clean and jerk, squat) plus individualized accessory work. Team members will get onsite coaching at meets, represent DBBC with team gear and accessories, as well as the ability to learn in a group setting. We will walk you through USAW registration, help you seek out meets in which to compete, and guide you through the competition.

Sessions are Tue/Thurs 6:30 pm and Sunday at 12 pm.

DSC 2016 Winter Open

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