Athletes for Autism

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DSC is honored to host a fundraiser workout for a cause very close to our heart. Coach Layla Akilan and her husband Adam have partnered with DSC to help raise funds for a sensory room at their son Adam’s (Addy) school.


Coach Layla describes why she was inspired to create this event, “Three years ago, my son Adam was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. Around that time, I had recently joined a new gym tucked into a quiet corner of Beavercreek, Ohio called Dayton Strength and Conditioning. Shortly after joining, I heard about an event called Lift Up Autism. I happened to stumble upon a great way to get involved with the autism community and help to raise funds for autism research and several autism foundations. It gave me a chance to speak out about a topic that our family was going through and unexpectedly it helped me cope with some of the grief I was experiencing over my son’s new diagnosis. My new gym was happy to hold the event which ended up being a success and we were able to continue the tradition the following year with an even better turnout.

I was left feeling inspired and grateful because I had been introduced to a whole community of people who wanted to come together to raise money and awareness for autism.

Drawing on my inspiration from Lift Up Autism and all the positive attention our events received, I decided I wanted to do something to directly impact our community. As an autism parent , I understand how difficult it is to advocate for your child and ensure that they receive the best education based on their individual needs in the classroom. I also understand that every child with disabilities is unique in the way that they learn, play, and interact with their peers and with the world. We decided to start Athletes for Autism in an effort to go above and beyond the basic needs of the classroom and help provide a fruitful, fun, and adaptive experience for these children. It is our goal to provide tools such as adaptive equipment ,communication devices, and any special items needed to enrich the learning experience and make play time more inclusive and fun!”

Come join us and lift some weights while helping enrich a local classroom! Email [email protected] to RSVP

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