At DSC, our team brings a wide range of experience and expertise. Each brings a mix of passion and knowledge to help our athletes achieve their goals. For more on the training offered at DSC, check out our group classes.

  • Becky Rogers Owner, Head Trainer

    Becky is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and an ACSM certified personal trainer as well as a USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach. She played D3 soccer at Case Western Reserve University, where she earned her B.S. in mechanical engineering, and discovered CrossFit during her time at the University of Dayton while studying for her Master’s degree. Throughout her career as a trainer, she has gained experience working with groups as well as individuals of all age ranges and athletic backgrounds. She loves working with children and teenagers to help instill healthy, active habits at an early age. She is constantly seeking to improve and learn as much as she can in all aspects of fitness, and is in the process of earning the OPT CCP Level 1 certification, which includes areas such as individual program design and nutrition coaching.

    ACSM Certified Trainer
    USAW Level 1 Sport performance Coach with Mark Cannella
    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    CrossFit Olympic Lifting with Josh Everett
    CrossFit Kids Trainer with Jeff Martin
    OPT CCP Exercise Physiology: Assessment with James Fitzgerald
    OPT CCP Exericse Physiology: Program Design with James Fitzgerald
    CPR and Red Cross Certified

  • Adam Rogers Managing Director, Trainer

    Adam is a former D3 collegiate soccer player, with a history in triathlons and adventure races. He is constantly searching for new challenges and opportunities for growth, both in his own fitness and in his ability as a coach and trainer. He has trained a wide variety of individuals and groups, from 12 year olds to 80 year olds, from aspiring professional athletes to grandmothers looking to build the strength necessary to keep up with their little ones. He thrives on working with dedicated individuals, personally designing programs tailored to their goals.

    USAW Level 1 Sport performance Coach with Mark Cannella
    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    CrossFit Olympic Lifting w/ Josh Everett
    OPT CCP Exercise Physiology: Assessment w/ James Fitzgerald
    OPT CCP Nutrition w/ James Fitzgerald, Mike Kesthely and Mat Lalonde
    OPT CCP Lifestyle Coaching w/ James Fitzgerald and Sharon Prete
    OPT CCP Business Systems w/ James Fitzgerald and Sean Greeley

  • Jamie Martin Gym Manager, Trainer

    As a former D2 collegiate basketball player, Jamie loves to motivate athletes and help others achieve their best. While looking for a fitness regimen to enjoy together, Jamie and her husband found CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. Whether leading a class, or working one-on-one, Jamie strives to help our clients become better movers, adopt healthier lifestyles and ultimately have fun in a stress-free environment. Jamie trains as a weightlifter and competes locally. She holds a CrossFit Level 1 and a USAW Sports Performance Level 1 certification.

    Jamie is a Training Think Tank athlete under Becky Rogers.

  • Genna Bell Events Coordinator, Trainer

    Genna comes to DSC after a career playing soccer at East Tennessee State University and in the WPSL with the Cincinnati Lady Saints. She found her passion training athletes at Iron Tribe Fitness in Nashville and knew she had found her dream job. Seeing transformations has inspired her to make fitness her career. She has a heart for helping others achieve the impossible. She’s building upon her sports management degree by completing her ACE Personal Training Certification. Genna is also drawing upon her marketing education to manage events and special programs at DSC.

  • Ethan Motley Trainer

    Ethan recently graduated from Eastern Illinois University with his BS in Exercise Science. He spent his final semester interning at DSC where he quickly proved a valuable team player. While completing his undergrad, he also secured his NSCA Certified Personal Training designation. Ethan has a passion for working with youth sports teams, while also helping individual athletes reach their goals through group classes and program design. Ethan is a Training Think Tank athlete under Becky Rogers.

  • Layla Aiklan Trainer

    Layla came to DSC as a CrossFit athlete interested in weightlifting. Shortly after joining Barbell Club, she started interning and receiving programming from Adam Rogers. With a background in psychology and research, and getting ready to embark on a Masters of Science at the University of Denver, Layla is constantly seeking to better herself for the benefit of her athletes and clients. She has her USAW-Sports Performance Level 1, and coaches our Dayton Barbell Club. Layla is a Training Think Tank athlete under Adam and a competitive weightlifter.

  • Sarah Scozzaro Trainer

    Sarah is a certified Personal Trainer, Running Coach, and Restorative Exercise Specialist. She’s had the opportunity to work with clients from all walks of life and abilities, and loves the challenge of creating just the right program for each of her clients, thriving on helping each individual reach their goals.

    An avid endurance athlete, Sarah specializes in working with clients that are looking to not only improve their running, but to run healthier and less injury prone; whether it be getting ready for their first 5k or their 10th ultramarathon. She is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally; attending seminars, clinics and collaborating with other professionals.

    Masters in Exercise Science, Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
    Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA (NSCA-CPT)
    NASM certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
    TRX Instructor
    Certified AFAA Primary Group Exercise Instructor
    RRCA Certified Running Coach
    Restorative Exercise certified Healthy Foot Practitioner
    Restorative Exercise Specialist under Katy Bowman

  • Zak Kiggins Trainer

    Zak is a management consultant with a passion for performance. After relocating stateside after a decade abroad, he’s looking to lessen the divide in his work-life balance by combining his knack for organizational development in the workplace with people development in the gym, on the field, or, at home.

    He comes from an athletic background – having been involved in sports all his life. He’s been involved in training and coaching since 2009, and, in self-guided scholarship since 2002. Now he seeks to pursue his passions formally, with his colleagues at DSC and TTT.

  • Keith Mueller Trainer

    Keith is a runner, road cyclist, and above all, a tinkerer. He draws on experience from endurance sports outside the gym in an attempt to change the metacognition and attitude of those he works with. He is most interested in the transfer of skills and habits gained in the gym environment to the outside world. Keith is also currently an assistant coach for the 2014 and 2015 state champion Centerville high school girls Cross Country team. He counts himself lucky to know anyone and everyone willing to use physical work, effort, and awareness to write their own future.

    Bachelor’s, Kinesiology
    Gym Jones Level II
    NFHS certified high school coach
    CPR/First Aid Certified