2015 Summer Open recap

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We had a great turnout for our first (unsanctioned) weightlifting meet held at DSC – the 2015 Summer Open. The goal of this meet was to give everyone the feel of a competition in a relaxed environment – singlets and USAW membership were not required – in hopes that it would attract many first-time competitors to the sport. We held two sessions for the 23 athletes who participated, and this was the first meet for over half of them. One of the hardest things about any new experience is simply working up the courage to get out there and do it, and we’re very proud of all of our Dayton Barbell Club athletes who competed for the first time, as well as the athletes from our Dayton-area CrossFit community and beyond.

Once the nervousness of being in a new situation wore off, we saw a ton of new PRs set that day. You can attribute it to the atmosphere – cheers for made lifts, encouraging words after missed attempts – or the tenacity of those competing or even the pound-to-kilogram conversion (there were a lot of iPhone calculators used that day). We hope the biggest takeaway from the experience is that anyone can do it. It’s about having fun and building relationships with others who enjoy the same things.

Building one another up and celebrating each other’s achievements in a competitive environment is what makes our community unique. Along that same line, another notable attribute to the CrossFit community that helped to make this meet a success was generosity. To the gym owners who sat as judges (Centerville CrossFit, Bombers CrossFit, Renegade Warehouse) as well as the local companies who helped us by donating prizes for the winners, we want to say thank you!

Lululemon Dayton Showroom
Formula O2
3-2-1 Wrap

Now for the winners! We held one men’s and one women’s session, with the overall winners placed based on their Sinclair score. Willy Fernandez took the men’s session with a 100kg snatch and a 130kg clean and jerk, while on the ladies side Melissa Doss won with a 66kg snatch and a 98kg clean and jerk.


Men's winners

Men’s winners

Women's winners

Women’s winners

Thank you again to all who participated as well as those who volunteered their time. We’re looking forward to hosting another meet in the near future!

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